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Can you select different rates when booking gear

We have different member types like 1. Member 2. Non-Member 3. Organization 4. Student. Can we have different rental rates for each of these member types? 

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1 Answer
by fava


  1. First you need to go into System Settings / Asset Price Types  Be default it already creates 2 Price Types: Member and Non-Member. If you want more choices like, 'Organization' or 'Student' you can add them in this menu
  2. Set your prices for the item. Go to Our Stuff and find your item. Click on Edit This Item. On the bottom right you will now see two price fields, plus any new ones that you created. Enter the appropriate prices and click save. 
  3. Now when staff book equipment, you select your dates for the item and then from the drop down menu choose what rate that item will be rented at. 

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